Consulting for pacesetting management support addressing concerns such as production and sales of domestically produced health drinks, health foods and supplements, such as fresh-squeezed Aojiru, Tokowaka-no-Megumi; updating of the four financial statements; general startup support, business continuity issues, business streamlining, business restructuring, and turnaround.

TOKOWAKA Consulting Co.,Ltd
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Tokowaka Megumi🄬 3,960 yen(including tax)

All the nutrients of Aojiru (green juice) mixed with the mellow flavor of green tea.
Green Juice (Japanese aojiru blended together with green tea for a mellow, easy to swallow, taste)
Tokowaka Megumi🄬 (Green Juice includes lactic acid bacteria)
Vegetable Salad Green Juice
Ingredients: Barley wakaba extract, lactic acid bacteria, carrot extract, spinach extract, kale extract, celery extract, bitter gourd extract, oligosaccharides. MADE IN JAPAN, domestic vegetable use. 1pack = 1stick(3g)×30sticks

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