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まごころトリビア : 1日3粒を毎日摂取して下さい。骨密度が高まり、健康な身体が維持できます。




CHECKPOINT: Recommended for people who

☆Enjoy walking, hiking or mountain climbing
☆Are interested in moderate exercise
☆Want to strengthen their bone joints, specifically knees elbows
☆Work in a standing job or maintain the same posture for long periods of time
☆Are concerned about their dietary nutritional balance
☆Wish to relieve menopause symptoms
☆Would like to maintain a healthy body in preparation for travel etc
☆Want to keep skin and body in ideal condition
☆Care about hormonal balance and heart disease
☆Are looking to reduce bad cholesterol

Magokoro trivia: For a healthy body and strong bone density take 3 tablets a day.

We offer originally made health products. All our products are made in Japan at our laboratory with fresh Japanese ingredients.